Are you ready?  Got some BIG news!!!  I’m cleaning out my home!!!  Well, not my home so much, but I’m cleaning out ALL the leftover prints I have in my home.  Not leftovers as in old food, just framed prints that didn’t sell at my exhibitions.  I have over 100+ in my home sitting here collecting dust.  SO I thought I would have a BIG sale.  ALL are framed!  Some are matted, un-matted, AP and edition prints.  From 13×19 up to 52×63 and ALL are signed by me!!!

Down below is the list of what I have.  Take a look and if you see anything you like, please email me at  The price does NOT include shipping and handling.  I will get an estimate first so you can decide.  These will be going fast, so don’t waste your time.  First come, first serve.  Thanks!