GREATEST HITS: Martini Ranch

Opening night for Greatest Hits: Martini Ranch was a major success.  A big thank you to everyone involved who made it happen.  I want to thank everyone who showed up to make it a super fun night.  And a special thank you goes to James Cameron for his support and coming to see the exhibition in person.  I know he loved the photos and catching up with him was the best part.  I had so much fun talking with old friends, meeting new people and sharing my memories of the Martini Ranch REACH video shoot.

It was a great way to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of an amazing music video!  It was like a High School reunion, but with really talented people.  I want to give a big hug and shout out to one manโ€ฆ Andrew Todd!  Andrew was the creative force behind Martini Ranch back in the day.  I hadnโ€™t seen him for 30 years and having him there made my night.  Reconnecting and catching up with Andrew was one of the best parts of the whole night.

I need to thank Sam, Kat and Todd at Mr Musichead Gallery for ALL their support.  They put up with me and support my crazy ideas.  Iโ€™m so grateful that they do.  I hope Iโ€™m around for the next 30 years so we can have the 60th Anniversary!

Greatest Hits: Martini Ranch



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