GREATEST HITS: George Michael

Another big night for my Greatest Hits!  This time at Black Eye Gallery in Sydney, Australia!  This time for Greatest Hits: George Michael.  This was truly a very special opening night in every way possible.  Sydney you were the best!  For two weeks I got nothing but love and appreciation.

This was the first of many Greatest Hits: George Michael exhibitions.  Starting in Sydney was very special for me cuz my first trip ever to Sydney was with George during the 1988 Faith tour 30 years ago.  If I have my way there will be many many more.  Stay tuned.

I want to thank Tom Evangilis at Black Eye Gallery for hosting a great night for all.  Also want to thank everyone who showed up… my old friends, my new friends and every George Michael fan that made the trip.  Like wow what a great exhibition.  Thank you.

Greatest Hits: George Michael



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