GREATEST HITS: George Michael

Another big night for my Greatest Hits!  This time at Black Eye Gallery in Sydney, Australia!  This time for Greatest Hits: George Michael.  This was truly a very special opening night in every way possible.  Sydney you were the best!  For two weeks I got nothing but love and appreciation.

This was the first of many Greatest Hits: George Michael exhibitions.  Starting in Sydney was very special for me cuz my first trip ever to Sydney was with George during the 1988 Faith Tour 30+ years ago.  If I have my way there will be many many more.  Stay tuned.

I want to thank Tom Evangilis at Black Eye Gallery for hosting a great exhibition for all.  Also want to thank everyone who showed up… my old friends, my new friends and every George Michael fan that made the trip.  Thank you.

Greatest Hits: George Michael


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