PHOTO TALK: Australia

How we going mate?  I was in Australia for 3 months as always.  Had my Greatest Hits: Australia exhibition in Sydney.  My 4th exhibition in Australia!  OMFG!  I think Sydney is sick of me and I need to do Melbourne next!  While there I did a Photo Talk on December 10th hosted by my good friend Peter Collie.

Peter has been a photographer for a very long time.  He’s shot it all and seen it all.  We did the talk at the Behind the Gallery pop-up space.  A small crowd, but a lot of talented photographers.  We talked about a little bit of everything.  History, technical, art, passion and business.  Also talked about why we love photography and got into the game.  Every photographer has their origin story.

I wanna say THANK YOU Peter Collie for his time and support.  It was a fun conversation.  I can not wait to do it again.  Trust me, I’ll be back and we will do it again!

Greatest Hits: Australia