GREATEST HITS: Martini Ranch

Way back in August of 1987 I was lucky enough to work on a very special music video.  The band was Martini Ranch, the song was Reach and the director was James Cameron.  We shot for 2 days out at Veluzat Motion Picture Ranch in Newhall, CA.  The idea of the video was an apocalyptic twist on the classic western: a bad guy being pursued by a gang of ruthless female bounty hunters.

The band featured Bill Paxton & Andrew Todd.  The video was filled with a who’s who of Bill’s friends.  The few that I remember… Kathryn Bigelow, Lance Henriksen, Paul Reiser, Jenette Goldstein, Judge Reinhold, Brian Thompson, Adrian Pasdar, Bud Cort, Mark Rolston, Phillip Granger and so many more.

Bill and James gave me free reign and let me shoot whatever I wanted.  I shot a ton of portraits, a ton of BTS and even some polaroids.  Everyone on the crew was amazing and the actors were so into it.  It was such a team effort and everyone gave everything they could to the production.  I really think I learned more from this video than any other video I had previously worked on.

I have to say this was the music video shoot that gave me the directing bug.  Watching James Cameron work was fucking brilliant.  He could do everyone’s job on a set.  He was crazy in all the right ways.  Bill really made the shoot fun & everyone was really into giving their best.  I can only imagine what it must have been like on Aliens!