MARTINI RANCH: Ivy Members Night

What an honor and pleasure it was to host my first Members Only night for  I’m a big fan of and what they do.  My good friend Sarah Zapp (Director of Strategic Relationships) has helped me for over a year now with my Greatest Hits and her support means a lot.  Being able to give back to IVY and share this exhibition with members was a blast!

The night was all about Greatest Hits: Martini Ranch.  I gave everyone a sneak peek into the exhibition and got to share some fun stories in the process.  I have to say I enjoyed meeting all the members, but hearing their stories about their love of photography and music was the best! calls themselves a Social University and I couldn’t agree more.  I met really cool, smart and interesting people… also learned a lot!

Want to thank Sarah Zapp and Rachel Moran (LA Events Manager) for all their support and for making the night super special.  Check out for more.

Martini Ranch: Ivy Members Night



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Nina Storm Experience

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