hits_proofsWhich is it?  Proof sheets or contact sheets?  What do you call them?  To this day I’m NOT sure.  All I know is I love them and miss them.  There was a time when you got your film processed and then proof sheets made of each roll.  It was so fun to edit my shoot with a loop and a grease pencil.  Looking at each frame and checking for that special moment.  I always loved finding the one special shot and circling it in RED!  I would write notes on the proof sheet for my printer so he would know what I was looking for and how to print it.

I’m working on a special exhibition right now that will be nothing but proof sheets.  Its been a blast to go through my files and shoots.  I’ve dug deep into my vault of photo shoots and have found the best of the best.  To be honest it’s made me miss film big time.  It also has reminded me that the proof sheet as a whole is an amazing piece of art.

I think this show will be pretty amazing.  I also think that everyone will see a side of me and the subjects they have not seen before.  I think a proof sheet tells a story.  I hope when you see what I’m doing you will understand what I’m saying.  I’ve included some samples with this post.  Check them out and let me know what you think.  Let me know if you see what I see.  ALSO let me know if you call them proof or contact.  ;-)

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