Thank You!


WOW!  Holy fuck!  We did it!  WE FUCKING DID IT!  We got to 100% and got the green light!  WOO HOO!!!  This definitely would not have happened if it wasn’t for a few fantastic people in my life.  Let’s start at the top… Sean Mannion!!!  Without my friend Sean none of this would have happened.  I wouldn’t have even thought of or tried to do something like this without him.  He is the man.  He has also proven that there are good, caring, creative, nice, talented, hard working people around these days!  I’m beyond grateful.

Also wanted to thank Seed&  They have been so supportive and helpful from day one.  I love their ideas and vision.  I hope my project helps them and all their future plans.  Without them we wouldn’t have even tried.  I want to thank Richard Avery for his passion and dedication to this project.  Although he’s new to the producing game, he played it like a pro!  Also would like to thank everyone at EDGE Grip & Studios.  Jason has been “the man” from day one and has been so supportive with everything I’m doing.  Plus he puts up with all my crazy ideas!

Lastly I want thank everyone who has donated to my Greatest Hits campaign.  I’m so grateful for all the support.  You have no idea what this means to me.  It inspires me to work even harder and smarter.  This project and documentary is my passion project.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… Go big or go home.  Thanks to you… I get to go BIG!  :-)

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