Back on January 20th, 2018 I had the chance to do an Artist Talk at Black Eye Gallery in Sydney, Australia.  We invited anyone who would show up.  This was my first time ever doing a talk like this and boy did I learn a lot.  I had so much fun meeting and talking with all the George Michael fans.  A couple things… 

First, I want to apologize to everyone who attended.  WHY?  Cuz I sat through the entire video while editing and boy was I annoying!!  Ugh!  As I watched I took notes and spent most of the time cringing at what I said.  So, here’s what I learned… I talk too much, I say the word UM too much, my thoughts get mixed up, I drop too many names and sometimes I make no sense at all.

Second, cuz of this experience I learned a lot.  I learned I need to plan better and make sure I have some sort of direction.  I need to get my stories in order.  I need to tighten up these stories.  I also need to slow down and breathe.  Maybe take a speech class.  ;-)

Third, for all the people there I hope you had fun.  To all the people who did not make it or could not make it… here’s a video of the highlights.  I cut down the full hour to the best 10 minutes.  This is about all I can handle.  Hope you enjoy!

Last, I look forward doing this again and I promise I will be so much better.  Practice makes improvement!!!  THANK YOU!!