YO!  How ya going mate?  (Said in my best and worst Aussie accent)  I wanted to let everyone know I got a BIG performance night ALL set for Thursday, December 8th from 7pm to 8pm at my Greatest Hits exhibition here in Sydney!  My great friends at MMAD are hooking me up with some top talent here in Sydney!  I have loved and supported MMAD for a long time.  They’re the best of the best!  I love everything they stand for and do.

Their talent is unreal and always so good.  They have produced and supported SO many talented musicians here in Australia.  For MMAD Night we have Ella Powell and D Minor.  Two brilliant and talented musicians.  They’re going to perform 3 unplugged songs inside my Greatest Hits exhibition.  Start time is 7pm so don’t be late.  You do NOT wanna miss this.

Here’s the info…

Thursday, December 8th – 7:00pm – 8:00pm

Behind the Gallery
205 Oxford St.
Darlinghurst, Sydney 2021

web: https://www.behindthegallery.com.au 
instagram: @behind_the_gallery
facebook: BehindTheGallery

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