I’m gonna do something I’ve NEVER done before.  I’m gonna do something crazy!  Are you ready?  I’m going to do my FIRST “Workshop”!!!  I use the term loosely cuz it’s not exactly a full-on photography workshop.  It’s more like a Photography Talk, with some life and work lessons for ALL photographers!  I’ve been doing my Artist Talks for a while now and they’re mostly about my photos and the stories behind them.  The photographers always come to me after and ask the photography questions!  It bums me out cuz I can’t give them the time I would love to.  Never enough time, UGH!

SO… I thought let’s do something fun for Greatest Hits and let me drop some wisdom on photographers here in Sydney, Australia.  I got my good friend and brilliant photographer Peter Collie to join me and host this Photography Talk.  He’s a genius in his own right and been in the game a very long time.  Together we’re going to share some knowledge about the art and business of photography.  Here’s my basic breakdown for now…

Here’s the info…

Basic Business – getting work, clients and staying in business.
Preproduction – preparation and planning is everything!
Shooting and Shoot Etiquette – ideas, vision, execution & manners.
Post Production – organization is the key to success.
Longterm Plans – playing the long game and big picture.

Friday, December 9th from 7-9pm

Behind the Gallery
205 Oxford St.
Darlinghurst, Sydney 2021

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