YO!  I’m so excited to announce the first BIG update to my Greatest Hits: APP!!  And when I say BIG update, I mean BIG!  Since we launched the Greatest Hits: APP back in July 2023 we have worked very hard to bring more to APP.

Thanks to iSparx we’ve added over 70+ video stories to the APP.  These videos are my photography life stories that cover everything from George Michael, Grunge, Jane’s Addiction, Jazz, Martini Ranch and Pearl Jam.  We’ve also added my video stories from Los Angeles and New York.  So much to watch and learn.

Basically a whole lot of NEW videos about my photography life and photos.  If you haven’t downloaded it yet, go do it NOW.  You can download it at the APPLE or GOOGLE App stores today!  As always thanks to iSparx for making my dream come true with my Greatest Hits: APP.  We have more in the works so be ready!