It’s that time again!  Time to have some fun and make shit happen.  This time around it’s Greatest Hits: SoCal.  What the fuck is that?  This is me having some fun in the city I live.  This is me making some noise and doing something different.  This exhibition will take place only on my Instagram account so you gotta follow me to have some fun.

Here’s my idea and plan.  I’m taking over SoCal and making it my gallery.  For the month of June I’m going to hang and display my Greatest Hits photos all over SoCal.  Some at iconic locations and some at the actual locations the photos were shot at.  You need to follow me now and be ready.  You need to tell your friends, family, pets and coworkers to follow me.  This is gonna be epic!

My goals are always the same with everything I do… to have fun and make some noise.  That’s what Greatest Hits: SoCal is all about.  The key to it all is to follow me on Instagram and pay attention.  If you do, you just might win a FREE print!  These prints are 17×17 framed and signed prints!  What more can you ask for?  For fuck sake get busy yo!

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