cc_road10On the road again, can’t wait to get on the road again… As you know if you’ve been reading my blog I documented Jane’s Addiction a lot in 1991.  I went to as many show as I could get to.  Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta and more.  There was one show that was truly the best ever and stood out way above the rest.  That would be the “Last Show” in Honolulu, Hawaii.  It was September 26th, 1991 at the Aloha Tower in Honolulu.

I knew this was going to be the end of Jane’s.  All through Lollapalooza there was talk that this would be the end.  They had planned for this for a long time.  I knew I had to be there.  I sold my furniture, some guitars I collected and bought two airline tickets for Beth (Eddie Vedder’s grrl friend) and myself.  I brought Beth to this show with me cuz I wanted someone special to share this show with.  I wanted someone who loved Jane’s Addiction as much as I did and who would understand the moment.  Beth was that friend.

I was so lucky that the band and management would take care of me and let me shoot what ever I wanted.  They always had my back and supported my desire to get great images.  We got to the venue and I got my gear ready for the show.  It was hot as fuck in the venue!  The show started off big and just got bigger.  NO fucking lie it was brilliant.  There was no pit for me to be in, so I had to shoot from the sides of the stage.  I didn’t complain, because being on stage and feeling the bands energy made it that much more special.  Dave was brilliant, Stephen was on fire, Eric was insane and Perry was the best front man ever that night!  Perry played half the show naked!!!  Yes, naked.  I waited for some security to do something, but nothing every happened.  Stephen was also naked, but hidden behind his drums.  I dare any lead singer in the world to be brave enough to pull that off.  I double dare you!

At the end of the show the band played Chip Away for their encore (Perry had his pants on for this).  It was an awesome way to end the show.  The band walked off except for Perry.  The house lights went on and Perry grabbed the mic.  He ranted something about the future and then jumped into the crowd.  It was amazing!!!  I ran out on to the stage and shot the pix of the crew pulling Perry out of the crowd.  As he walked away I just stood there looking out at everyone leaving the venue and smiled.  It was the last show and the best show!!!

Beth and I went back to the hotel.  We sat on the beach all night talking about what we had just witnessed.  We were on such a musical high.  I haven’t talked or seen Beth in many years, but I bet she hasn’t forgotten that night either.  It was the best show ever!  I was lucky enough to be there and get photos.

P.S.  You can go see a this show on YouTube here…  The video quality sucks, the camera works sucks, but you can see me on the side of the stage once in while doing my thing!