hits_sponsorsFor over a year now I’ve been busting my ass trying to hunt down sponsors for my Greatest Hits Project.  Let me tell you it hasn’t been easy.  As a matter of fact its been the most difficult part of this project.  Trying to sell my idea, my vision and my business plan is a full time job.  The good news, the companies that have joined are amazing… EDGE Studios, RockPaperPhoto.com, Digital Fusion, Seed&Spark, Pro Digital and of course Mr Musichead Gallery.  Without Mr Musichead there is no project.  The support has been first class from the beginning.  Everyone is behind me 100% and the best part is they ALL love music as much as I do.

Now the bad news… Its not enough.  I need more.  I need more support on every level.  My goal is to take this project around the world and I need the kind of companies/global brands that can help me make this happen.  This project is BIG and it need BIG support.  I’m asking you… If you know any company or brand that can help to please let me know.  If you know anyone that knows anyone, please let me know.  If you have any questions or need anything you can email me at chris@cuffarophoto.com.  Thank you!