hits_081415Here we go!!!  Just 4 days to go in my crowdfunding campaign and we are looking good.  This is our BIG final push.  It’s not going to happen without your support.  As of today we are at 40% and getting closer to our BIG goal of 150k.  I know it sounds like a lot, and it is, but with your help this can happen.  If you can’t give money, spread the word and help us on the project.  My crew are believers and supporters and have donated all their services to this documentary.  They love music almost as much as I do.

Also, this week our big special has been paying off big time.  That’s our DOUBLE PRINTS incentive!  This means that you get twice as many prints with every donation.  Instead of one you get two!  Instead of five you get ten!  Instead of ten you get twenty!  You can have your own collection of my Greatest Hits!  Please go to SeedAndSpark.com NOW and DONATE to be a part of this exciting project.

One final word… I seriously want to thank everyone who has supported me and this project.  The response has been more than awesome.  This project is a labor of love and passion.  Thanks to you and everyone’s support its going to be a dream come true!