YO!  How we going mate?  I just got home last week from my BIG 4 month trip to Australia and New Zealand.  It was amazing, exciting, crazy, exhausting, crazy, educational and fun.  I met so many amazing photography and music fans at both exhibitions.  I’ve been going to Australia for over 30 years now.  This was my first trip to New Zealand and I fell in love!

Australia is my home away from home.  I always stay in Bondi Beach and live my beach life.  I love it there and I wish I lived there.  I also made a couple trips to Melbourne to see my bestie and hang with new friends.  I did over 20 shoots with new talent there, but the BIG event was Greatest Hits: Sydney with Behind the Gallery.  5 great days to celebrate music and photography!

New Zealand was life changing and an amazing experience on so many levels.  The people were SO nice.  The city was beautiful.  The artist I met and shot were brilliant.  My Greatest Hits: New Zealand exhibition was the best!!  The NZ experiences and moments changed my life.  I had many moments where I just stopped and said thank you!  The 5 day exhibition was so fun.  The artist talks, photo workshop and performances were some of the best.  The people I met will be friends for life.  This was a first date for NZ and I plan to come back for more.

Overall the 4 months changed my life in too many ways to count.  I wanna say THANK YOU to everyone who supported my exhibitions!  I wanna say thanks to Behind the Gallery in Sydney and AgentX Publicity in Auckland.  I also want to give a hug to all the young upcoming photographers I met.  You inspired me and showed me why I love photography.  Last, I wanna say this… None of this happens without the support of my “family” of friends.  I work hard for you!!!