hits_031416Its March 14th, 2016 and I’ve never been busier with my Greatest Hits.  SO much to catch you up on.  I thought I would share the highlights and make you a list.  Here’s the latest as of today…

  1. The Project – Still looking to lock in a date for the Los Angeles show.  Not there yet, but real close.  Trust me, as soon as I know you will know.
  2. The Book – Looks great and I will let you know as soon as we start selling.  This book is all about preorders and our goal is to sell a lot!  If you love music, you will love this BIG book of music photographs.
  3. The Catalog – We’ve printed the first batch and I’ll be sending those out to sponsors and friends real soon.
  4. The Website – Updated weekly.  Please keep checking cuz you do NOT want to miss anything.
  5. The Documentary – This has been amazing!  We did 4 interviews in January, covered 2 shoots in February and I have 4 more interviews for March all good to go.  My goal is to keep moving forward and do a little every month.
  6. The Conclusion – I’m working harder than ever and I’m doing my best as always.  There are so many layers to this project and everyone of them has to be done right.  I have a vision for everything and I will not settle for anything less than my vision.  Simply put… Go big or go home.  I choose BIG!