hits_102015We’ve been busy with so much!!!  Never fucking dull to say the least.  I thought today I would share a few tidbits and goodies.  I’m always working on everything and trust me I will never stop.  Not until I rule the world.  :-)

First up… We did 5 great interviews in October for the documentary.  Really good people and really great conversation.  Every time I do an interview it convinces me that this project is an awesome idea.  Fires me up and makes me want more.  Second… Started sending out postcards to Seed&Spark donors!  If you sent in your address get ready for something special.  If you haven’t, please send your address ASAP so we can get you your incentive!  Third… Lots or great updates and stories at CuffaroPhoto.com.  PLEASE check them out and let me know your thoughts.  Fourth… I started designing the Greatest Hits BOOK!  This is going to be BIG!  Like really BIG!  As soon as I have more info I will let you know.  Fifth and last… Looking to shoot 5 more interviews in November.  If all goes well we will have some clips to share.  Stay tuned!

Thats it for now.  If you have any questions or thoughts… Please let me know.  Would love to hear from you.  Thank you!