hits_hit?One of the best things about my Greatest Hits project is that it made me go back through ALL of my work from day one.  I had to figure out what made an image a “Greatest Hit”.  Was it the artist?  The image?  Or just a totally rad photo?  I took this selection process very seriously.  It took me months to narrow it down from 500, to 250 and eventually to the final 100.  You have to remember these are ONLY my Black & White images.  I didn’t even want to think about color at this point.

I went to my vault, where I store all my negatives and shoot folders, to review my past work.  Thank God I’ve always been so organized.  It made the job a lot easier.  Every time I picked a photo I asked myself the simple question: “Is this a greatest hit?”  I wanted to feel an emotional connection to the photo.  I wanted it to have a great memory and story.  I wanted it to really represent the artist.  I wanted it to be memorable and special.  I found the best of the best.  I know some people may disagree, but remember this is just the beginning.  I have so MUCH more to show you and if all goes well: I will.

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